2022-2023 Officers and Committee Members

At our May 11, 2022 Member Meeting, we voted to approve the following slate of officers and committee members who will make up our 2022-2023 board.  These members contribute their time and energy to make our club run, and we thank them for volunteering! 

It's never too late to join a committee and it's a great way to meet new people! We need more volunteers for the Tech, Social, Hospitality, and Group Activities committees.  If you would like to help out this  year, contact Gary Bowden.


President:  Gary Bowden

Vice President:  Susan Stempen

Treasurer:  John Shaw

Secretary:  Lauren Spengler


Community Service/Fundraising:

  • Joan Lockhart, Chair
  • Marie Collins
  • Elena Eisman
  • Suzanne Morin
  • Ken Rivkind
  • Anne Thomas
  • Marie Collins, Chair
  • Deb Brehm
  • Debra Felix
  • Andrea Howell
  • Leo Klevens
  • Kris Nasinnyk (Transition Assistance)
  • Barbara ‘Bobbie’ Reed
  • Natalie Timoshin, Chair
  • Anne Dickson (Non-Profit Outreach)
  • Lydia Hopkins
  • Elaine Klevens
  • Joanne Londa
  • Kenton Blagbrough
  • Cordelia ‘Dee’ Munroe, Chair
  • Kenton Blagbrough
  • Lynn Conover
  • Karen Dec
  • Pam Mahoney
  • Wendy Miller
  • Mary Olsson
  • Greg Peach
  • Suzanne Woodard

Group Activities:

  • Pete Jelinek, Chair
  • Kathy Decker
  • Laura McLellan
  • Cheryl Walker
  • Linda Wander
  • Susan Carlson (Advice Only)


  • Lynn Conover, Co-Chair
  • Deb Cryer, Co-Chair
  • Sue Carpenter
  • Cheryl Grenier
  • Paul Groundwater
  • Linda McCann
  • Steve Smith
  • Candace White
  • Carol Zenke
  • Carol Jelinek, Chair
  • Margot Ball
  • Kenton Blagbrough
  • Joan Lockhart


  • Forry Weatherby, Chair
  • Linda Bodin
  • Wendy Miller
  • Mary O’Connor
  • Don Ouellette

Dine Out:  (3-year terms)

  • Joe Gorski, Co-Chair

  • Carolyn McPherson, Co-Chair

New Committee Members:
  • Ken and Jan Hogue
  • Pat and Phil Penza
  • Steve and Jan Potter
Returning Members:
  • Tom Carroll
  • Tim and Andrea Howell
  • Bruce and Nancy LeBlanc
  • Laura McLellan
  • Patricia McDonald and Tim Welles
  • Denise and David Prindiville
  • Jonathan and Diane Rowe
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