2024-2025 Officers and Committee Members

At our May 2024 Member Meeting, we voted to approve the following slate of officers and committee members who will make up our 2024-2025 board.  These members contribute their time and energy to make our club run, and we thank them for volunteering! 

It's never too late to join a committee and it's a great way to meet new people! We need more volunteers for the Community Service/Fundraising, Membership, and Technology committees.  If you would like to help out this  year, contact President John Shaw.


President: John Shaw

Vice President:  Denise Fritschy

Treasurer:  Sam Peper Assistant Treasurer: Carol Ruggiero

Secretary:  Ellen Lapriore


Community Service/Fundraising:

  • Marie Collins, Chair
  • Susan Barnhart
  • Deb Brehm
  • Debra Felix
  • Andrea Howell
  • Leo Klevens
  • Christine LaPalme
  • Ronnie Mallon


  • Kenton Blagbrough
  • Anne Dickson (Non-Profit Outreach)
  • Lydia Hopkins
  • Elaine Klevens
  • Joanne Londa
  • Joan Morgan
  • Natalie Timoshin
    Social Events:
    • Hazel Bielen
    • Karen Erdos
    • Ellen Gannett
    • Mary Olsson
    • Roberta Powell
    • Sue Richmond
    • Joanne "Jojo" Schaefer
    • Patty Stoddard
    • Caren Wheelwright

      Group Activities:

      • Pete Jelinek, Chair
      • Patti Lynn

      • Susan Mangan
      • Lauren Spengler


        • Rich Bielen
        • Peter Gibson
        • Paul Groundwater
        • Frances Skrobela
        • Nancy Walrath
        • Carol Zenke

          • Kenton Blagbrough
          • Elizabeth Cushwa

          • Suzanne Dorn
          • Linda Zimmerman


          DineOut:  (3-year terms)

          • Lynn Conover

          • Bill Crosley

          • Laurie Crosley, 

          • Jan Hogue

          • Ken Hogue

          • Scott Mangan

          • Susan Mangan

          • Carolyn McPherson

          • Dee Munroe

          • Stephen Munroe

          • Kris Nasinnyk

          • Greg Peach

          • Pat Penza

          • Philip Penza

          • Jan Potter

          • Steve Potter

          • John Shaw

          • Kitty Shaw

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