$$ Charitable Donations 2020-2021 $$

Thanks to funds generated by membership dues, contributions and raffle proceeds, we donated $5,000 at our September 15th monthly meeting to the following local nonprofit organizations:  Cape Cod Children’s Place, Food 4 Kids, Homeless Prevention Council, Lower Cape Outreach Council, and WE CAN.  Each organization was thankful to receive $1,000.

Every year, Nauset Newcomers makes similar donations to charities that support local residents.  Little known fact -  Since our 2012-13 fiscal year, we’ve averaged $11,000 in annual donations!  This totals to $102,000 over the last 9 years!  Something to feel good about!  

The Singles Group also raises thousands each year through its fundraisers, in support of local charities.

We’re having fun AND we’re helping our neighbors!

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