How to Look Great on Zoom!

5 Easy Tips by an inveterate Zoomer, member Linda Finkral

Come in out of the dark!  Unless you are in the Witness Protection Program, no need to hide your face in the dark on Zoom calls.

1.  All lighting needs to be in front of you.  If a window is near, you should be facing toward the window for light, place small lamps in front of your face if there is no natural light.  

HInt:  Purchase an inexpensive ring light that clips on your screen and plugs into your laptop for power.  Amazon has loads of them and they are inexpensive.

2.  Your computer screen should be level with your face.  Stack It on books or anything to bring it to eye level.  Your eyes should be in the top third of the screen.  No more than an arm’s length away.  No sitting on the sofa and the computer is six feet away on a table.  Adjust the computer screen if you are a couple so both of your faces are on the screen.

3.  Wear solid color clothes, no stripes or plaids.

4.  Check the background --  nice bookcases, art or plain walls.  No piles of laundry on your bed in your bedroom or dirty dishes in the sink.  Unless your computer is not portable, stay out of the bedroom altogether.  It's not the most professional backdrop.

5.  And ladies, wear all of the makeup you want.  It does help! 


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