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 Bylaws Change passed as amended May 2018 Membership Meeting


The Board of Directors of Nauset Newcomers would like to propose a bylaw change to be voted on by the membership at our May meeting.  The change would allow volunteers who have been committee chairs, and therefore members of the Board, to be eligible to become an officer in a subsequent year. It would also allow officers who have never been committee chairs to serve as committee chairs in subsequent years if elected to do so by the committee.  Officers and committee chairs would still be limited on serving in those roles for a single year, and the President, Secretary and Treasurer still couldn’t be re-elected as officers. 

As our bylaws are currently written, the only person who is permitted to serve on the board in a subsequent year is the Vice President, who may become President “if so nominated and elected.”  People who have been committee chairs are the only ones who may not become officers, and under the bylaws, the entire board, with the exception of one person, are brand new every year. 

The Board believes that good governance of Nauset Newcomers would benefit from allowing committee chairs to serve as officers in subsequent years if so elected by the members. 

The proposed change does not, we believe, change the goal of our organization, which is to provide volunteer opportunities for people new to Cape Cod to become involved with and make new friends.  There will still be plenty of volunteer leadership roles available, and officers and committee chairs would still be limited to serving in those roles for a single year.  The change would just allow people who may have chaired a committee to also become an officer. 

The current language of our bylaws provides: 

“A.  Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall be comprised of the Officers, the Chairperson of each Voting Committee, and, in an advisory capacity (non-voting), the previous year’s President or a member from the previous Board of Directors.  All directors must be members during their term and shall be elected for a term of one year and shall not be eligible for reelection, with the exception of committee chairs, who may be elected to an officer position in a subsequent year, and the Vice President who may serve as President in the following year if so nominated and elected

Foot Note: Bold language Amended by General Meeting vote May 2018



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